Jeff Gebhart is sick of dating, and is calling on the public to help him find a girlfriend. I know I don't like setting up my friends on dates, BUT - this guy is not my friend, and he is paying $25,000 dollars.

Not only will Gebhart pay the $25K to his match maker, he will also donate another $25,000 dollars to a no kill animal shelter. This guy sounds too good to be true. Okay, I will be honest, he sounds rich. I am not the only one thinking that.

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I should probably let you know Daddy Warbucks lives in Kansas. Hey, people travel for love all of the time - no big. Gebhart thinks his time and frustration with dating is worth the big payout. He goes on to say, he would spend that much money on dating. Holy hell, where has he been taking his dates?

If you are interested in Jeff, click here to see if you are a personality match. If you know a girl that you would like Jeff to meet, click here.

Jeff has never been married, and is 47-years-old. I hope you are the one who sets him up with the woman of his dreams, if you do - you owe me some cash for telling you about this. For more on Jeff, check out the video below.

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