Are you looking to get out onto the dating scene? Here's where Michigan's two largest cities stand when it comes to your chances of finding love.

We all joked and statistics show that "The Great Quarantine of 2020" has been responsible for an uptick in divorces which means there are plenty of people out there looking to finding love again once the pandemic is over.

If you are single in Michigan, honestly your chances are already pretty good...

Sure, all the regulars at your favorite local dive bar not do the rest of your town justice, you just have to know that Michigan is a big state full of fun cities, romantic little towns and chances to find "the one" to curl up with on a typical Michigan winter's night.

Recently WalletHub did a deep dive into "2020's Best & Worst Cities for Singles" by comparing 32 different "key indicators of dating-friendliness". Those indicators included things like: how much of the population is currently single (unmarried), entertainment choices (for date ideas) and the average price of a two-person meal.

Luckily, Michigan has two cities for which one ranks fairly high in "dating-friendliness" where another one is seriously lacking!

Those two cities are actually are two largest, Grand Rapids and Detroit.

Grand Rapids ranks #25 on the list which is pretty great! As a former GR resident, I can attest that it is absolutely a city made for lovers! I may be a bit biased as I met my boyfriend of 5 years there but I know more people than I can count who have found love in Beer City.

Sadly, Detroit ranked 157th out of 182 cities which is not that great. I would have to disagree; however, I understand that the Michigan girl in me just wants to stand up for our beloved Motor City.

According to WalletHub, Detroit has the #1 highest percentage of singles which can be a good sign but ranks poorly in other categories like "fewest online dating opportunities."

You can read more at how they came to these conclusions when you CLICK HERE!

All in all, 2021 is looking like it will be a big year for dating and if you are here in Michigan and want the best chances, I encourage you to look west to Grand Rapids...again, I might be biased but what do you have to lose?

While many people have found themselves single due to the pandemic, here are some dating terms that also arose from it you should familiarize yourself with:

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