Alright, I'll tell you right now, this story is pretty disturbing/scary especially if you have young kids that play online games.

According to WXYZ, A Kansas man has been arrested and charged for an inappropriate relationship with an 8-year-old girl in Bloomfield Township.

48-year-old Clinton McElroy was able to build a disturbing relationship with the little girl through an online game she was playing called Roblox. While talking with the girl he was going by the name John instead of using his real name.

This sick pig was able to convince the little girl to send him videos of her in exchange for online currency used in the game. Apparently, police found more than 20 videos that she sent him. Those videos were made of the girl in various stages of undress.

Here's the real kicker, this dude was arrested back in 2017 for doing something similar.

Police arrested McElroy and charged him with Sexual Exploitation of a Child and Aggravated Internet Trading in Child Pornography.

So he's a sex offender and was somehow still able to go online and stalk little kids? How is this possible? I don't understand why he isn't monitored in one way shape or another if this is the kind of crap he does.

Don't go blaming the parents because eventually, the mother figured out there was something going on and that's when she called police.

It's a messed up world we're living in.

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