Just one more thing to remember to bring next time you head to Chicago to enjoy a Cubs game and some pizza - a varmint rifle.

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Yesterday (Wednesday, January 8th), a 32-year-old man showed up at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, in the middle of downtown Chicago's trendiest neighborhoods, with a injury to his buttocks. According to the Chicago Tribune, the man told doctors he had been walking "in the 700 block of North Fairbanks Court" when he was bitten on said butt - by a coyote. Not somebody dressed as a coyote - an actual coyote.

Oh, he'll be fine - but he was bitten by a coyote. In downtown Chicago. Two blocks south of the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art (which, BTW, is very good) If that weren't enough, earlier in the day and about three miles north of that location, a 5-year-old was bitten on the head by a coyote in Lincoln Park.

I'd say they have a problem on their hands.


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