Charges were dismissed earlier this week against a man that pulled a gun on a father and baby at a gas station in Detroit in June.

Yes, he literally pointed a gun into the face of a man holding a baby.

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Last month we told you about Euric Butler. He's the guy that walked into a gas station wielding a gun. As soon as he walked through the door, he pointed the gun at a man that was holding a baby.

Butler was unable to fire the gun because it had malfunctioned. That malfunction saved the father's life as he was then able to push the gun away.

Butler ran off after the gun malfunctioned but police eventually caught up with him and he was arrested.

Prior to the incident, the two got into some kind of argument a few blocks away. That altercation apparently prompted the incident at the gas station.

Butler appeared in court on Wednesday for a preliminary hearing. He was facing charges of felonious assault, firearm, and brandishing a gun in public.

It's seems absolutely insane, but the charges were dismissed. How is that even possible?

Why Were the charges Dropped?

According to Fox 2 Detroit, during Butler's preliminary hearing, the man carrying his baby didn't appear in court. Since the father didn't show up, the charges were dismissed. That's it? He doesn't show up and all charges are dropped?

I wonder why he didn't show up in court?

Here's the video that shows Butler pointing the gun at the father and baby at that gas station on June 23.

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