Full disclosure, I have been involved in a road rage incidents. I am not proud of it, because I know quite a few of them could have resulted in accidents. I am quick to brake check anyone who is riding my ass, I have been followed by irate drivers, and followed dick drivers myself. I know - not cool.

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Hearing about road rage incidents like this one that happened yesterday (5/11) in Flint, remind me to slow my roll. Last night, at roughly 7:30 PM at Dort Highway and Lapeer Road, a motorcyclist shot a few rounds into a vehicle. According to MLive, the motorcyclist then took off. Luckily there was only one person in the vehicle, and the unidentified person was not hit by a bullet.

Can you even freaking imagine? Like I said, this is a good reminder to cool my (your) jets on the road. Yes, I know there are a-hole drivers, but let it go. One thing I did to avoid tailgaters is to avoid the expressway. I always took the expressway to and from the radio station. Not anymore, I'll take side roads any day of the week over dealing with road rage.

As far as last nights road rage incident, the Flint Police Department are encouraging anyone with information to come forward. That is a pretty busy intersection, someone had to have seen something. I hope that the vehicle driver involved got a good enough look at the motorcyclist to give authorities a decent description to go on. I will keep you posted as additional information is made available on this case.

Stay calm, and drive on.

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