I'm just as impatient as the next person when it comes to getting off an airplane once we've landed. I try not to be that person that stands up WAY before they get to my row, but sometimes, you just can't stand sitting there anymore.

That being said, I've never been as eager to get off a plane as this guy in Chicago, who just said "f**k it," and made his own way off the plane.

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WGN in Chicago reports:

The incident happened around 4:30 am Thursday while an United Airlines plane was approaching the airport's gate.

Police told WGN a man onboard the plane pulled the emergency exit door and walked out onto the wing of the plane, then slid down onto the airfield.


The guy was taken into custody, all other passengers exited the CORRECT way.

It's an honor to be seated in that emergency exit row on the plane, so every time it happens to me, I pay very close attention to the flight attendant whose clearly putting the lives of everyone on that plane in my hands. This guy never deserved it.

The responsibilities of protecting every soul on board rested with him, and he let them down.

No one died, they were already on the ground, so no decompression or anything, but still. What if a child saw what you did, and then followed his example. All they saw was a man open a door he was sitting by, and he was rewarded with a ride down a big yellow slide on the wing of an airplane.

Not gonna lie, that's kind of weird bucket list thing for me, to go down that slide, but not like this... not like this.

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