In my best Jerry Seinfeld voice - and what's the deal with all of the public poopers and pee-ers lately? Ugh.

An unidentified 69-year-old man totally took a piss in the meat department at the Kroger store in Swartz Creek. According to reports, the man peed on some deli meats. Sandwich anyone? A fellow shopper saw the man and notified an employee. Can you imagine? When approached by a customer, I would assume a Kroger employee is asked where to find a certain product - not be told there is a man pissing on the cold cuts.

As you can imagine, the pee marinated meat was thrown out and of course, the area was sanitized. So why did the man pee inside of the store instead of holding it and getting to a restroom? Prostate problem duh. Yep, that is the reason he gave police.

Anyone else NOT want a deli sandwich right now, or even maybe for a while?

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