When Guns N’ Roses were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame earlier this month, some people weren’t terribly happy that Matt Sorum was included, saying that since he didn’t join GnR until 1990, he missed the mayhem of their early years and rise to fame with ‘Appetite for Destruction.’

Still, he seems to have experienced plenty of GnR madness — enough, in fact, that he says he’s considering writing a movie about it.

“I’ve talked about doing a screenplay and that’s actually something that I’m in talks about with a couple of pretty big people,” he recently told VH1. “The only problem with that is figuring out how to work out the music situation.”

“If you look at rock and roll movies, they’ve never been done right,” he continued. “The only ones that I actually thought were decent were ‘The Doors’ movie, which I thought was decent and I liked the Johnny Cash film ['Walk the Line']. If you look at any of those other kind of traditional rock flicks, like Mark Wahlberg and ‘Rock Star’ and all those, they’re all kind of dumb.”

So why would a GnR movie break the mold?

“The thing about Guns N’ Roses that was different than all the butt rock bands in Hollywood was that it was down and dirty and punk rock and real,” Sorum explains. “As much as anyone wants to say they want to try to lump it in with hair metal, it never was because it was a different kind of energy. There was a much sort of more street, dark undercurrent happening that could be great on film.”

After replacing Steven Adler in 1990 (something he joked about during the RRHOF induction), Sorum stayed in GnR until 1997, taking part in the mammoth ‘Use Your Illusion’ albums and tours — so he probably has plenty to dish about.

Naysayers aside, we just hope we can sit in on the casting sessions to see the parade of top-hat-wearing hairballs who want to play Slash.

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