'Do you want fries bacon with that?' That is what McDonald's employees will be asking customers on January 29th, between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

For one hour, you can add two strips of bacon to anything at McDonald's. You can have bacon on your Big Mac, bacon fries, even a bacon McFlurry. Whatever your heart desires at the golden arches, add two strips of bacon for FREE. This is your opportunity to pig out (pun intended) on bacon.

I think you and I both know McDonald's is the actual winner in this. As if the fast food giant is not busy enough, the traffic during this free bacon hour will surely be insane. Keep in mind, there is a limit of one side of bacon per person.

Enjoy this upcoming bacon happy hour my little McNuggets. Be sure to send me a picture of you and your bacon sundae.




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