Two words - greasy food. It may not be the best thing for us to eat, but damn it tastes good. Burgers, fries, bacon, the list goes on and on. All of those greasy foods are a sure cure for a hangover too. Trust me, I am a professional.

Sunday, October 25th just so happens to be 'National Greasy Foods Day'. If you are a history buff - I am sorry to say, there are no origins on record about how this particular holiday started. Could this be just a made up day, by a group of unhealthy people with hangovers? I think yes.

Nonetheless, it is on the National Day Calendar, so feel free to observe it. Chances are you already have this week - maybe a few times. If you have not yet, then Sunday is your time to shine. Let loose tomorrow night. Enjoy a couple of beers, or mixed drinks, and of course a shot or two. Tie one on, and Sunday you will be craving one of my five greasy food picks (if not all of them). If you drink too much, then food will not sound good at all the next day, so try to keep yourself in check.

There is nothing better than a plate of greasy bacon and eggs after a hard night of drinking. If burgers and french fries are more your style - no worries they are on the list too. Obviously there are more than just 5 greasy foods, so feel free to share your favorite greasy cravings with me .

Anyone else getting hungry now?

5 Great Greasy Foods

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