If you have a taste for international food, look no further than the golden arches. This June, McDonald's will be serving up four international favorites.

This June McDonald's will be adding four new menu items in the United States. Each food item is a favorite from another country. The new menu selections include,

  • Grand Extreme bacon Burger from Spain.
  • Stroopwafel McFlurrie from the Netherlands.
  • Tomato Mozarella Chicken Sandwich from Canada.
  • Cheesy Bacon Fries from Australia.

All of the above items are super popular in each country. What sounds good to you? Will your mouth be taking a vacation to Spain for the Grand Extreme Burger? I think the Canadian chicken sandwich sounds pretty good.

Can anyone tell me what a Stroopwafel is? I googled it, it's basically a waffle cone. I have no idea how much any of these items will cost, but I do know they will be less expensive than actually leaving the country.

Bon Apetit!



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