MDOT is looking to fill positions all throughout Michigan, so they're holding a virtual job fair on Tuesday October 6th.

The virtual job fair will still give you the chance to have one on one meetings with potential employers, but you have to register first. You can get registered anytime before the job fair starts Tuesday night at 6:30pm. There is a wide variety of jobs available, along with many different job locations throughout the state.

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The actual job fair starts at 6:30p on Tuesday, and runs till 8p. There is plenty to do before the virtual job fair though. You'll need to get registered here, and then you can browse through the available openings here. According to the official press release some of the available openings are listed below.

  • Electrician
  • Transportation Engineer, Technician, and Planner
  • Transportation Maintenance Worker (both seasonal and full-time)
  • Skilled Trades
  • Professional positions
  • Internships in various departments

There are some positions that have specialized skills or experience, but there are many entry level jobs that only require a High School Diploma. You can read more about the job fair from MDOT's press release here. 

The one industry that did not slow down during the pandemic is road construction. They did get a later start which left MDOT with more work to do in less time than they had originally planned. With the increased focus on hiring, it looks like MDOT is gearing up to squeeze every last bit of work in that they can before winter.

If you are interested in attending the job fair, check out the flyer below, and click on it to get registered.



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