When I think Thanksgiving dinner I think of the following staples,

  • Turkey
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Green Bean Casserole

I know there are other side dishes I am missing - oh cranberries too. I am not a fan, but they scream Thanksgiving. The sky is the limit when it comes to sides. If your family is anything like mine, there are always odd, and not so appealing side dishes. Yam and marshmallow casserole anyone? Before my grandma passed, she made that and another weird dish that consisted of green jello, carrots, mayonnaise, and nuts. If you ask me - you would have to be nuts to eat it.

Obviously I am used to weird Thanksgiving sides, but the sides in the above video were a total surprise to me - other than the yam and marshmallow casserole. The addition of oranges however, did surprise me. Cooked oranges? Ugh.Do any of these sound good to you?

  • Cranberry Souffle Salad
  • Orange Mallow Yambake
  • Spam Birds
  • Hot Dr. Pepper
  • Frozen Jellied Turkey Vegetable Salad

My takeaway from the video is that back in the day, everything needed to be in some type of 'mold'. More jello! More meat! Hey it's meat jello, again I say ugh. There is one thing in the video I have tried, hot Dr. Pepper. My mom and step father drink it - it's quite good. Even better if you add Jack Daniels. You are welcome.

Let me know if you choose to create any of these weird dishes for your Thanksgiving dinner. I am especially interested in the turkey jello thing. Let me know how that goes over.

Happy Thanksgiving.




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