If you think the cute, pixelated blond cheerleader starring in the upcoming disembowled-zombie fest ‘Lollipop Chainsaw’ is hot, you should see her real world counterpart Jessica.

This blond beauty was one of 15 finalists chosen to be the flesh and blood version of Juliet Starling, star of the upcoming video game ‘Lollipop Chainsaw’ written by horror writer/director James Gunn.

This means the leggy cheerleader will appear in full costume as part of the promotion for the game, which is set for release next December. She’ll also star in a series of videos as the ass-kicking zombie slayer for IGN.

Jessica won the honor in an online contest called “Search for Juliet,” the main character of the upcoming game created by Goichi Suda aka “Suda51.” Gunn described the character in an interview as a “sexy but strong and almost innocent high school cheerleader, who has a great exuberance for everything she does, including gory zombie killing. ” Gunn said they tried to find a real world model that could also meet the same traits as the character.

She’s certainly met at least two of the bigger ones, in our opinion. Watch her audition video below:

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