Everyone’s favorite Hollywood train wreck, Lindsay Lohan, hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ last night. While the idea of Lindsay Lohan on SNL probably scared the censors at NBC, Lohan and the SNL writers did a great job using her sparingly, especially on “The Real Housewives of Disney” skit.

It seems as though the condition NBC made to put Lindsay Lohan on SNL was that she would make fun of herself, as she did in the monologue. We’re sort of surprised that she wasn’t arrested during the opening (and that she wasn’t wearing an ankle bracelet monitor).

Lohan’s other very funny skit on SNL was with Kenan Thompson in a spoof of the old ‘Scared Straight’ shock-umentaries in which inmates scared juvenile delinquents with tales of prison life. Lohan, of course, can relate.

Perhaps the best part of Lindsay Lohan on SNL was that the writers didn’t ask her to do too much, so the show never tanked. And thankfully Lohan didn’t try to duet with musical guest Jack White

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