Metallica are one of the biggest bands in rock and metal history.

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They're known for being one of the earliest thrash groups, but their influence goes way beyond one particular area of metal. Their biggest song, "Enter Sandman" plays at just about every sporting event. They've released 10 studio albums (with another, 72 Seasonson the way), have won eight Grammys, have received a plethora of other awards and even have several of their own "Metallica Days" in San Francisco.

They've had a few lineup changes over their nearly 40-year career, but have remained a pretty solid entity through it all, regardless. They endured the loss of bassist Cliff Burton, but made a comeback and were stronger than ever. Countless books and movies were released to tell their story.

Whether you're a Metallica lifer or an elitist who thinks Master of Puppets was their last good album, there's no denying the legacy Metallica have had on the music world, and still hold onto today. Scroll through the gallery below to see a photo timeline of their remarkable career. Luckily, there will be more to add over the years to come.

Metallica: A Photo Timeline of Their Remarkable Career

A photo timeline of Metallica's career.

Metallica Albums Ranked

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