Of all the names he could have picked, he picked the one that had warrants.

On Friday, a Michigan man was arrested in Clam Lake Township, but his arrest started in an unusual way. A Michigan State trooper noticed a parked vehicle with two occupants in it on the shoulder of M-55. The troopers activated their lights and that is when the story gets a little weird.

When questioned, the 30-year-old man in the passenger seat gave troopers a fake name. After that, the troopers ran the name given and it turns out that the fake name had active warrants out for his arrest. That is when troopers arrested him and found even more surprises. The troopers found 27 grams of meth in his pants, a scale, small baggies, and cash.

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It does not end there either. While the suspect was being processed at the Wexford County Jail, police discovered that he smuggled even more drugs into the jail. They eventually found out his real identity after finger printing him. Officials requested charges for possessing methamphetamine with intent to distribute, smuggling drugs into jail, lying to a peace officer during a felony and littering. The littering part stems from the pop cans and lotto tickets that officials found on the ground outside the car.

The moral of the story should be just to own your mistakes. When you try to get out of things, you only make it worse. Even something as simple as using a fake name added several charges to this dude's sheet.

Source: WDIV

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