If all goes according to plan, Michigan could become the 25th state to allow swim-up bars. Yes, swim-up bars that serve tasty cocktails right there in the water.

There's nothing better than going on vacation and staying at a resort that has a swim-up bar. You can spend the entire day in the pool without ever having to get out. Well, except to relieve yourself from time to time.

I've always wondered why hotels in Michigan never had swim-up bars. I just thought it had something to do with not wanting to spend money on something that couldn't be used year-round. I had no idea it was because swim-up bars were illegal in the state.

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There are a couple of new bills (House Bill 5983 & 5984) on the table that were introduced by state Rep. Rodney Wakeman D-Saginaw County and state Rep. John Cherry D-Flint that aims to update state laws to allow swim-up bars to operate in Michigan while following certain safety guidelines.

Under the proposed legislation, swim-up bars would have to serve drinks in non-breakable containers, provide lifeguards, and enhance pool filtration.

According to ABC12, Republican State Rep. Rodney Wakeman of Frankenmuth said Michigan's tourism industry works at a disadvantage because other Midwestern states allow swim-up bars.

Safely accommodating swim-up bars will add to our economy and fill a void in our tourism industry that currently drives people to hotels and attractions in other states. There is a lot of potential for resorts in Michigan to offer swim-up bars in a safe, controlled environment.

Both bills passed the Michigan House on Tuesday and now they move on to the Senate for consideration. If approved, they would go to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for consideration.

I just signed a petition on change.org to allow commercial resort-style pools in Michigan to open swim-up bars.

Fingers crossed, I would love to see these bills passed.

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