Yesterday I wrote a post about 'St. Practice Day' at Timothy's Pub and noted that I did not know if restaurant restrictions would be lifted by St Patrick's Day.  I know now they will not be. It turns out Michigan restaurant restrictions were extended until March 29th. Surprised? I was too.

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According to MLive, when Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced on February 4th, that contact sports would resume, the new order to extend restaurant restrictions and the 10:00 PM curfew was extended as well. I need to point out that this extension was made by the MDHHS, but no public mention was made by the department either.

To clarify, Michigan restaurants will remain at 25% capacity for indoor dining, no more than six people per table, and continue the 10:00 PM curfew until Monday, March 29th. If you were planning on going out for St. Patrick's Day this year - I suggest you attempt to make a reservation now.

Where are you on this? Are you a bar or restaurant owner? Do you work at a bar or restaurant? I am very interested in hearing from you. The fact that so many people are struggling in this industry is no joke. I will admit, in the beginning of the pandemic I was terrified to go anywhere. That is not the case anymore. I am now terrified of seeing people losing their jobs, and their livelihood.

Even if you are not yet comfortable dining in, I encourage you to carry out if you can. There are a lot of great local establishments that need our help now more than ever.

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