If there was ever a question of whether Michigan residents would embrace online gambling, last year definitely put it to rest. For the inaugural year, 2021 proved that online gambling in the state is a huge success.

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For the first year of online sports betting and casino games being legal here in Michigan, the state recorded nearly $3.7 billion in online wagers. According to WXYZ in Detroit, sportsbooks and online casinos ended 2021 on a record-breaking roll with more than $500 million in sports betting and more than $120 million in online casino revenue. Those figures come from the folks at PlayMichigan who handle tracking retail gaming developments in Michigan.

“Bettors fared much better on their bets than in November, but it was still one of the best months yet for Michigan’s sportsbooks,” Matt Schoch, the lead analyst for PlayMichigan.com, said in a statement. “Online sports betting and casinos hit the higher side of expectations in their first year, particularly online casinos. And the last four months for sports betting have really added an exclamation point to the first year.”

Considering online sports betting and casino games just became legal in Michigan back in January of 2021, those are some pretty hefty numbers. As Michiganders were playing their favorite casino games and betting on those games, there was some serious revenue being made. According to WXYZ, PlayMichigan is reporting that the state had $3.97 billion in online and retail wagers and $3.7 billion in online wagers and that all generated $292.2 million in revenue.

So where were Michiganders placing all those bets? It looks like DraftKings is a gambling favorite with the most in online wagers with FanDuel and BetMGM following as betting choices for the state.


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