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An animal shelter where euthanasia is not an option is something animal advocates would love to see more of.

According to WXYZ, Mason County PAWS has finalized the purchase of a 12.5-acre property in Amber Township for a no-kill shelter.

Jacklyn Osgood, president of Mason County PAWS:

The sale is all finalized, so it’s ours… This has been our dream for five years. We heard through the grapevine of this property. The location was perfect, the zoning was perfect. And it just fit, it was unanimous that we invest in the property.

It's amazing the great lengths people go to save the life of an animal. As you would imagine something of this magnitude doesn't come cheap and that's why they'll need to lean on supporters for help especially during the winter months. They're going to need a lot of help preparing the property which is just east of Ludington.

We’re going to have to raise a heck of a lot of money. We’re going to need a lot of fill dirt and gravel, because it’s a low area, so we’re looking for donations of any kind, and volunteers to help us knock down the grasses and stuff because it’s quite overgrown.

It's unclear when the new animal shelter will be open to the public. Congrats to all those involved.

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