Indoor dining resumes this Monday, February 1st. I joked before about taking the day off, but I know people that seriously are. Keep in mind, if this is your plan - turnover is key for restaurants and waitstaff to make money. I don't think anyone wants you or me camping out for 4 hours at a table, when restaurants can only operate on 25% capacity.

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Another thing to keep in mind on Monday, is you may have to wait for a table. You are not the only one eager to dine in again. If you are going with a group - choose wisely. Only 6 of you will be able to sit at a table.

I have asked if different posts about where you want to go first, now I am interested in hearing from restaurant owners and staff. I mentioned already about people not lingering, do you agree with that? What else should we expect in the coming week as we get back to your establishments? What do you expect from us as customers?

I know a lot of bar and or restaurants have been staying afloat with outdoor areas, if you own one of these spots, will you be keeping up your tent(s) so to speak? I have to say, I was surprised by the number of people I knew that would bundle up to have a drink outside in the cold. I was impressed to find out many of you did it - just to show support for a particular business.

Here is to Monday (and from here on out) being a big success for all of our local bars and restaurants. Remember if you are not yet comfortable going in, carry out is still an option.

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