Give me a friggin' break! A Dearborn Heights school Superintendent has been handed a five-day suspension after making a champagne toast at a retirement party.

Are you kidding me?

Jennifer Mast learned of the suspension at a school board meeting last night. (5/15) She admitted to making the toast last June at a retirement party for two administrators. Mast tells WXYZ that no students were present.

Parents and Mast are shocked by the severity of the punishment.

"It's kind of a tough pill to swallow," Mast said. "We have progressive discipline in the school system and everybody follows progressive discipline, and progressive discipline doesn’t start with a five-day unpaid suspension."

Mast, a single mother, says there's never a good time to take an unpaid suspension and says she feels the punishment is a bit harsh.

Give me a break!! How about this:  NO SUSPENSION! How about a slap on the wrist and a warning. Maybe what she did is technically against the rules, but this IS NOT the first time alcohol has been brought into a school. It was consumed by adult employees, and not in the presence of students.

Of all the things that are wrong with schools ... and they're worried about this.


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