What could you do for 12 hours straight? I am guessing not burpees. If you are not familiar a burpee is when you do a push up, stand up and jump. One is not easy (depending on your level of fitness), but doing 4689 burpees sounds impossible to me. That is not the case for Bryan Abell.

Abell did recently break the Guinness World Record for burpees. He did do 4689 total for 12 hours straight. His goal was 4500. Damn, this is really impressive. Bryan has served in the National Guard and the ARMY. Not only do I thank him for his service, I thank him for what he continues to do for veterans and active military.

Abell, along with his sister Katelyn Abell, and Bill Gischia run the Stronger Warrior Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to,

'Keep active, retired, and the families of United States service members strong financially, mentally, and physically.'

If you would like to donate to this great organization, or find out more about upcoming events, click here. Way to go Bryan, thanks for all you do!

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