If you wanna know where the best hot dog spots are... I know a guy on Tik Tok.

He's only posted 12 videos in the past year, but that doesn't keep this Michigan Man from garnering 3,700 followers, and at least one video with more than 205,000 views.

His personal life is mostly a mystery, but you can find him on tik tok as... The Weekly Wiener.

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His first video was posted July 28th, 2021, as he was reviewing his first wiener, a chili cheese dog with onions, from the Dairy Creme in Grand Haven, MI. That dog garnered a 4.5 out of 5 on his rating scale, and more than 6,000 views... for his first video!

@weeklywiener Dairy Creme, Grand Haven Michigan. 4.5/5 #wiener #wienerdog #hotdog #chilicheesedog #review ♬ original sound - Weekly Wiener

From there it was all downhill. The rating scale grew from "out of 5" to an "out of 10" scale, and his catch phrase, "Just the tip, no one knows the rules" was born while reviewing G&L Chili Dogs out of Muskeegon. He also visited places outside of Michigan - The Pines Golf Course in Wyoming, giving that course dog a 3/5 (before the scoring scale change), and a Hawaiian Dog at Orlando's Volcano Bay in Florida, which received a 7/10 score.  

@weeklywiener 7/10 #justthetip #hotdog #therearenorules @Volcano Bay Water Park ♬ original sound - Weekly Wiener

We do know a little about him from some context clues. His name is Ben (first appearance reviewing a hot dot at the Grand Haven 9 Movie Theater), and in one of the video's comments section, he mentioned not posting much because he was "dealing with a newborn." (So happy belated Father's Day to ya!)

What makes his reviews so great is he does NOT hold back. Brutally honest with the descriptors, and he does it with a stone cold face. And the more reviews you watch, the more you can see the development of the bit.

His most-watched video is him sporting a "Michigan" sweater at a place called Fantasy Twirl, located in the "armpit of nowhere," where he delivers a 6/10 review. That one has more than 205,000 views.

@weeklywiener Fantasy Twirl #hotdog #review #wienerdog #chilicheesedog #coneydog #wiener #justthetip #wheresthesauce #icecream ♬ original sound - Weekly Wiener

Since that review, his postings have become more regular, and the scales have gotten out of control, giving an "A+" rating to a chili cheese dog in Costa Rica, and a "Wiener Pizza" in Grand Haven that got a "Harry Potter" ratting on a scale of "Voldemort to Dumbledore."

It should be noted, and he does point out in the channel's description, that this is "obviously a parody" account, taking his cues from Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy, and his Pizza reviews, mimicking the famous "one bite, everyone knows the rules" line.

But nonetheless, I think if I'm ever questioning whether I should get a dog - especially in Michigan - I'll take my cues from The Weekly Wiener.

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