A recent data study found that Twitter users in Michigan were talking about sex more than in any other state.

How can something be so surprising yet not surprising at the same time?

I mean, we all definitely predicted the inevitable "baby boom" that came out of the pandemic...I swear my social media feeds were at a probably three-to-one ratio in terms of baby to engagement announcements.

Well, unless you didn't pay attention in health class, we all know how babies are made and we guess either people being lonely, bored or just plain frisky during quarantine must have lead to this but I guess I'm just surprised that Michigan was the epicenter of pandemic sexy-talk!

According to MLive, the study done by adult merchandise website Pink Cherry came to this conclusion by looking at over two MILLION "geotagged" tweets from the past nine months and concluded that, yes, Michiganders were feeling a little more hot and bothered over the course of the events of 2020.

If you are unfamiliar, "geotagging" refers to basically adding geographical information to social media posts. For example, if you see "based in Michigan" that means it is geotagged to be posted from Michigan!

We guess if you are one of these horny Michiganders, you should apply for a job in this kind of research because, according to MLive, "Tweets, hashtags and keyword phrases about sex and wanting sex like 'I need sex' and 'I want sex' were considered as part of the data study..."

Just imagine walking into the office one day and your boss tells you "Okay, your assignment this week is to sift through these millions of tweets and find ones about sex."

We are still waiting on the numbers for "drugs" and "rock and roll" though...

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