Some would say it is just rivals being rivals. Others would see it as straight-up poor sportsmanship. However, you choose to look at it some Davison School District students are under fire after a photo surfaced showing some questionable behavior.

It all started with known rival Grand Blanc High School's annual Midnight Madness event for their first practice of the 2022 season Sunday night ( technically Monday morning). The event not only has players and coaches at Frank Thomas Field, but also a full student section with around 300 in attendance. The event is always a highlight for the team and the students, but his year saw a few unwanted guests.

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It appears some students from Davison decided to stop by the practice. Not long after a picture was posted showing the students leaving a "message" outside the field area. The message wasn't exactly wishing the Bobcats good luck, and thankfully it was written in only baby powder, but it caught the eye of the Grand Blanc Student Section members who decided to share it on Twitter. You can figure out the rest.

As we know and have seen numerous times, once it's out on social media, it's out and spreads like wildfire. Opinions have varied a bit, with the majority that I have seen feeling the whole thing was a sign of poor sportsmanship. There have been a few that felt the GB Student Section should not have shared the photo on Twitter as to cause issues for the students with their district. Click the link here to view the photo and let us know what you think. Note: NSFW

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