Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and you and I both know there are a lot of opinions right now on one particular issue - the presidential election. Is it just me, or are you noticing some folks on social media are saying and posting things that are simply just not true (I am talking about people on both sides), and there are a large amount of people who 'just don't know how they are going to live' if their candidate is not elected. Are you kidding me?

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I can tell you how you are going to live, just like you do now. You are going to get up every morning, go to work, come home, love your family, and repeat the following day. Just like you have been doing for years. Sure you can complain all over social media if your particular candidate is not elected - but guess where that gets you? Absolutely nowhere. Do you want to live in misery? That is exactly what living with anger will do to you. I like you, have a candidate, but I refuse to lose my mind and cry all over social media if he does not win the presidency.

We are not kids, we all know there will be one winner. Grown adults kicking and screaming if the results are not in their favor is truly ridiculous. There is no way in hell you would allow your children to act this way, so why would you?

You and I are going to be just fine, we have one life to live - enjoy it. Do not waste time on things you can't change. If you voted, you did your part.

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