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I feel like this is way overdue but Michigan is set to distribute 3.5 million KN95 masks to Michiganders as part of the state's masking campaign. Don't you think this something they should have done a long time ago?

According to WDIV, free KN95 masks provided by MDHHS will be distributed by community organizations, including local MDHSS offices, health departments and Area Agency on Aging offices.

MDHHS Director Robert Gordon:

We are urging Michiganders to Mask Up and Mask Right to protect themselves, their loved ones and their communities from COVID-19. Wearing the right kind of mask is important. Today’s distribution of effective masks will help more Michiganders limit the spread of COVID to save lives and get back to normal sooner.

While wearing a mask is important, wearing the right mask is even more important when protecting yourself and others around you. The KN95 mask is not as effective at the N95 but it's probably as close as you're going to get.

To be totally honest, I'm sick and tired of talking about masks but I think we're going to be wearing these suckers for a real long time. I don't have a problem wearing them, I'm just really tired of talking about I am right now. I'm also really sick of seeing them on the ground. Come on, don't be a pig.

Michiganders that need masks can pick one up from partner sites across the state. Find a distribution site at

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