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Imagine playing the Michigan Lottery and finding out that you won $250. Pretty cool, huh? Then imagine the feeling when you realize that you misread the screen and the amount you won was actually $250,000.

It happened to a Marquette County woman.

Michele Premeau initially thought she'd won the smaller prize until she took a closer look.

“I play online occasionally, and pick a mix of games to play randomly,”  Premeau told Mlive. “When I won, I thought I had hit $250. I didn’t realize it was really $250,000 until I put on my reading glasses.”

The 52-year-old traveled to Lansing to claim her prize. It sounds like winning the lottery won't necessarily change her lifestyle but she does plan to treat her family with some of her winnings.

“Winning feels amazing. It’s really going to help my family. During the last couple months, it’s been nice to relax and enjoy more time together, and with this I can really slow down and enjoy life,” she said.

We'd also like to congratulate Denise Minerd from Lapeer. Denise was a $1,000 winner yesterday (9/29) with Cars 108's Workday Payday. Denise told me she has been diligently entering codes (she only missed one since the contest started two days ago) and was delighted when she got the call.

It's easy to play. We give you a new code each hour at about 10 past the hour. Enter the code here or use the Cars 108 app. You don't have to enter the codes immediately; write them down and enter them all at the end of the day if that's easier.


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