The holidays are traditionally the season of giving, right?

With this year being as crazy as it's been, it's hard to look all the way back to May and realize that there are still people suffering from the fallout of the historic floods in Mid-Michigan. With that in mind, there are still people who are living in campers because they lost everything.

Like many of us, Fran Stafford and Barb Hammond wanted to help the flood victims but weren't sure how.

Barb was driving through a neighborhood in Sanford and she stopped to talk to one of the residents. The woman said that she had lost all of her tubs of decorations in her flooded basement.

That's when Barb decided to start collecting Christmas decorations to donate.

“This was something I thought that we could do," Barb told WNEM-TV 5 News. "And just hopefully make people feel better. It’s making me feel like I’m actually doing something.”

“We’re trying to bring a little happiness and hope into people’s lives. We realize this isn’t as monumental as the need for food, but it should bring, we hope, it’ll bring some peace to people.”

If you have donations, they'll be accepted at Abundant Life Apostolic Church, 2187 N. Meridian Road in Sanford on October 16th and 17th from 10 AM until 4 PM. They'll be distributed to flood victims on October 19th-21st.

You do NOT need to be from Sanford to receive decorations - anybody who has been affected by the floods is eligible.

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