Michigan's Pandemic Compensation will begin issuing out an extra $300 on top of your regular unemployment check this week!

This comes on top of an 11-week extension from governor Gretchen Whitmer for unemployment. Even with all this extra money coming down the pipeline, the real question is, "Are we too late?"

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Now the extra cash will be supplied from December 27th till March 13. In the meantime, the unemployment certification site will be down while they overhaul the website.

“The UIA team worked tirelessly to ensure that Michigan was one of the first states to implement the PUC program,” said Liza Estlund Olson, acting director of UIA. “And now that we’ve received additional USDOL guidance we remain committed to implementing the remaining federal PUA and PEUC programs as quickly possible to get money out the door.

Source: NBC25.com

So, a nice revenue of cash will be coming this week. I don't agree that it's enough, but it's better than nothing. Originally the benefit at the beginning of the pandemic was $600 per week. But after people started losing their minds with bad spending habits the government took a step back and reduced the rate to half the original payment. What do you expect to happen when you give a group of individuals more money than they make in a week and don't teach them good spending habits?

This current generation is even more lost than the previous on how to manage money. I have grown friends in their 30's that still don't have a bank account, no 401K, not even a piggy bank. We've gotta learn to be more conservative with our income. If 2020 taught us anything it's that you should be prepared for anything, which means saving your money.


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