When it comes to the rivalry between the University of Michigan and Michigan State University, there is no objective answer when it comes to which school or sports team is better. We can debate that all day, and many of us do, reigniting the rivalry every fall when the schools' football teams go head-to-head, and every late winter when the basketball teams face off. One mid-Michigan gas station is getting in on the fun.

The University of Michigan was founded over 200 years ago in 1817. In 1855, less than 40 years later, Michigan State University was founded. They have both gone on to create lasting legacies and alumni networks for themselves, but historically speaking, U of M was there first.

Most Michigan residents fall into one of two categories when it comes to their favorite college sports team: Michigan State Sparties, and Michigan Wolverines. But do these teams determine how their fans pump gas? Let's take a look.

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There are many gas stations across the state of Michigan, and a lot of them are standard and basic, but a few are unique and really memorable. The Citgo Gas station off I-96 in Portland, MI is unique for a few reasons.

#1: This particular gas station claims to have the cleanest bathrooms off I-96. Having used them myself many times, they do live up to that claim.

#2: To get in on the rivalry, they have an MSU and a U of M gas pump side by side. Which makes 'people watching' fun for the staff, and for anyone.

Credit: Duffy Connolly/Canva
Credit: Duffy Connolly/Canva
Credit: Duffy Connolly/Canva
Credit: Duffy Connolly/Canva

According to the Citgo attendant there, the station doesn't see a massive difference when it comes the amount of traffic each pump gets. But that doesn't stop the comments made by the daily clientele about the pumps. The attendant said that he couldn't remember a day that something wasn't said about one pump or the other, which makes for fun banter throughout the day.

The attendant even claimed that he has seen people wait in a line to use the MSU pump when the U of M pump is totally open, and vice versa! It's the principle of the thing.

So, if you are ever in need of gas on your road trip down I-96, which pump will you choose? Don't worry, there are 6 other generic pumps if you really can't decide.

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