Aida Yespica, a former Miss Venezuela, seems to have no problem letting the world, and her 3-year-old son, see her in a ‘thong tha-thong, thong, thong!’ How is that song still catchy today? We ask you, how!

TMZ posted shots of the beauty queen and GQ and Maxim cover model hanging out on a Miami beach with her young son in a very skimpy outfit that left little to the imagination. He is probably too young to have a really good imagination anyway. Aida’s ability to rock out, with her thong out, makes her an obvious choice for our ‘crush’ today.

We’re far from qualified to tell someone how to raise their kid or how to dress in front of them. In fact, we’re thankful that such a classic beauty is still willing to slap on the butt floss and has still got something to flaunt after having a child. We know what happened after our kids arrived. The skimpy bikinis were put away for good. The slutty outfits were tucked in the back of the closet. No more dancing on bars in little clothing or flashing the goods even when there was no promise of Mardi Gras beads. We miss those days.

Thankfully our wives and girlfriends can still do all those things. We just don’t have the bodies for it anymore.


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