Mitch Ryder is branching out creatively.  The rocker tells that over the past two years he's been working on a musical.  But he says his stage production isn't based on his life or work and "has nothing to do in name value with Mitch Ryder."  Ryder isn't a fan of that type of show.  He says musicals like "Jersey Boys" aren't "theater," and calls them "stupid."  However, Ryder is using music as his inspiration.  He says he's drawing influence from Beatles songs, and has even given his musical the working title of "Hide Your Love Away." Mitch isn't offering much about the plot, and only says "the topic is love, which is huge."  He adds that he's almost finished writing the story and has "about half" of the songs he wants for the show, but still has "a long way to go" before he'll be done.


But Mitch does have a new album on the way.  "The Promise" is slated to hit stores next month.  The CD is a U.S. version of his European disc, "Detroit Ain't Dead Yet (The Promise)."

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