Mitch Ryder

Mitch Ryder Is 69 Years Old
Happy Birthday to Mitch Ryder one of Detroit’s most famous Rock & Rollers. Mitch was born February 26, 1945 in Hamtramck, on the birth certificate William S. Levise Jr. His music success kick into to gear when he helped form Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels
Mitch Ryder Involved in Car Crash
Mitch Ryder, who merged rock and soul in the mid-'60s with hits like 'Devil with a Blue Dress On,' was involved in a car crash on Friday (Feb. 1) night. Neither Ryder nor his wife nor a third passenger in the car were seriously hurt.
Mitch Ryder Has A Close Call On The Road
Motor city rocker Mitch Ryder and his wife were involved in a head-on crash when their vehicle collided with a suspected drunken driver, according to the Oakland County Sheriff's Office.
Mitch was returning home from a performance in Auburn Hills on Friday night when the accident occurred around…
Mitch Ryder Writing Musical
Mitch Ryder is branching out creatively.  The rocker tells that over the past two years he's been working on a musical.  But he says his stage production isn't based on his life or work and "has nothing to do in name value with Mitch Ryder."