I can see getting upset over a liquor order being wrong, but I think this woman is being a little dramatic over a cake. Is it just  me, or does it seem like she is on the verge of tears?

A Texas mother is upset after a Walmart store screwed up her cake order, not once but twice. According to Marsy Flores, she ordered a cake from the retail giant to celebrate her daughters high school graduation. When she arrived at the store to pick up the cake, she was told her order was lost. She was offered another cake, and purchased it.

During the celebration, it was discovered the cake was made of Styrofoam. I get it was a disappointment, but I can't be the only one who sees the humor in this. You know who did not laugh, Marsy Flores. According to reports, when she took the cake back she was offered a $60 Walmart gift card, another cake, and an additional gift card. As you can see in the video, that is not going to replace the memory of a perfect graduation cake.

According to Ms. Flores the stores offer quote, 'Can’t make up for the embarrassment and humiliation she went through with family and school friends there.' Oh brother. There are plenty of things to be upset about in life, and plenty of embarrassing moments - I do not think cutting into a Styrofoam cake is one of those moments. Do you?


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