Since the beginning of January, every time I look at the calendar I can't help but notice that it's 2016! That may not be a big deal to many people, but doing the math I realize that I graduated from high school 20 years ago this spring! Where has the time gone?!?

I was sitting at my oldest son's basketball practice last night when I started thinking about my life. Watching him run up and down the court, I remembered running laps in phys- ed class and going to proms in the very gymnasium I was sitting in. My other two kids were across the gym playing on the same stage that I performed on decades earlier. Then I got to thinking about where I was in life, and what I was thinking 20 years ago.

At the time I was working part-time here at the radio station, getting ready to graduate high school and start college. I remember thinking about the future and how much I wanted to do. Imagining what my wife and kids would be like, I wanted to focus on my radio career and maybe do a little acting on the side. I envisioned being on the air in a major market somewhere... far away from home.

I missed some of my goals completely. But some of my dreams not only came true, they're better than I had hoped! As I looked around at my old high school, which was now the middle school, I started noticing the subtle changes that occurred over the last two decades. It was more than just the name of the school, I was sitting in new bleachers, the lighting had been completely replaced, there was even a new scoreboard.

At that moment I realized that while I may have missed some of my late-teen goals completely, it really didn't matter. Just like my old school, my goals have been renovated and updated over the years. I'm now hosting the most listened to lunchtime show in my hometown of Flint on my first station, living in the same house I did before I moved out on my own. I married my best friend, we have three fantastic kids, and we're doing okay! When my parents moved to Florida, we moved in to their house right there in the same school district.

Not to mention, my desire to flee my old stomping grounds has done a complete 180. Considering what's happening with Flint's water crisis, I would be going nuts if I lived somewhere else through this. Instead of being across the country looking for more information about what's happening here, I am one of the hundreds, if not thousands of people trying to get information out there and raise awareness of what's really going on here.

So to recap, not all that much has changed in my life, yet so much has. I'm definitely not where I thought I'd be in life 20 years after high school, I'm in a much different place... a much better place!


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