With the sudden death of Davy Jones earlier this year, it seemed like all Monkee business would be put on put on hold, but now comes word that the remaining three members are “comin’ to your town” one more time.

Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork and, surprise of surprises, Mike Nesmith are coming together for a short US tour. In the past, Nesmith has always been hesitant to take part in any Monkees reunions, performing with the group only at a select few appearances in America, and one tour of the UK. It seems, perhaps, that Jones’ death has somehow lit a fire in Nesmith, who is also planning a solo tour.

The 12-date tour will be the first time Nesmith has taken part in any Monkee activity since 1997, and the first U.S. Monkees tour to feature him since 1969. According to a press release, the band promise “a selection of classic hits, deep cuts from their first five platinum albums — including some performed for the first time since the ’60s — and fan favorites from the soundtrack to their cult film classic ‘Head.’ The concerts will incorporate a full multimedia presentation including rare films and one-of-a-kind photographs. The show will also include a tribute to Jones.

Monkees Fall 2012 Tour Dates:

11/8 — Escondido, Calif.

11/9 –  Santa Barbara, Calif.

11/10 — Los Angeles, Calif.

11/11– Cupertino, Calif.

11/15 — Minneapolis, Minn.

11/16 — Chicago, Ill.

11/17 — Cleveland, Ohio

11/18 — Buffalo, N.Y.

11/29 — Philadelphia, Pa.

11/30 — New Brunswick, N.J.

12/1– Huntington, N.Y.

12/2 — New York, N.Y.

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