I was freaking out earlier this month when Mountain Dew teamed up with Red Lobster to create the 'Dew Garita' - a Mountain Dew flavored margarita. It is delicious by the way. Now get this - Mountain Dew is now working on a limited edition hot sauce - my mind is blown.

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Right now on the Mountain Dew Twitter page, is the final day to vote for what flavor you think the soft drink giant should produce. The sauce is a collaboration with iBurn, the largest spicy store in Texas, and Houston's only hot sauce shop (according to the iBurn Twitter page), and Joel Embiid of the the Philadelphia 76ers.

I am not hot sauce savvy enough to know the differences between Peri-Peri, Fatalii, Habanero, and Datil. Do you? If so vote. I will try whatever flavor is created. That is if I am able to get my hands on some. Like I said, upon completion, this product will only be available for a limited time. If you want some, I suggest you start following the Mountain Dew Twitter page. I did.

Until then, be sure to try one of the Dew Garitas at Red Lobster, you will be surprised how well it pairs with shrimp.

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