My heart breaks for Emma Rose Bingaman.

This sweet and defenseless child died this past Monday and her parents George Bingaman, 32, and Destiny Bingaman, 23, are being charged with her murder. The official charges are felony murder, first-degree child abuse, torture and two counts of child abuse in the presence of another child (they have two other children).

In case you are not familiar with this case, officers were called to a home on Elms Road by the child's mother, who said Emma was not breathing. The toddler taken from the home by ambulance and pronounced dead at Hurley Medical Center. Authorities noted that there were countless injuries on Emma's body. I am talking bite marks, bruises and gouges. Unbelievable. As I said, my heart breaks for this little girl. I cannot even imagine the hell she went through to be marked like that.

As for her 'parents' - they remain in custody. If convicted they both face life in prison.

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