Nazareth singer Dan McCafferty, who went through some scary medical drama earlier this summer when he collapsed on stage, has ended up back in the hospital after being forced to cut another concert short.

Classic Rock reports that McCafferty collapsed again after being seen complaining of shortness of breath during the band's Aug. 24 set at Switzerland's Summerdays Festival, and according to local newspaper accounts of the incident, he was subsequently rushed to the hospital. Summerdays promoter Xavier Weijtens indicated McCafferty's condition -- and the ultimate prognosis of the band -- was serious, telling the crowd, "Dan McCafferty is located in Switzerland in hospital after he suffered a stroke. The second in a short time, so we fear it is end of the line."

Classic Rock's report quotes a Brazilian associate of the band as saying "Dan is alright, but I think we will not see more," and notes that the tour page on the Nazareth website has been removed.

McCafferty's latest health woes come in the midst of sessions for the band's 24th studio album, as well as persistent rumors that they're splitting up. Whatever happens for Nazareth next, here's hoping McCafferty makes his way to a full recovery.

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