It might seem unusual, but a Michigan farm offers a unique opportunity for relaxation. It's called cow cuddling and it's utterly awesome. Sorry, couldn't resist.

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Goloka Eco Farm is tucked away in Maybee, Michigan. Maybee is located near the Ohio state line, about 30 minutes southeast of Ann Arbor.

What is Cow Cuddling?

According to the farm's website, cow cuddling is a special form of therapy. The relaxation process includes brushing, hugging, cuddling, and sometimes even milking the cows. The rate is $40 per hour and is booked through Airbnb.

Radha Gopal is a 'cow protector' at the farm. In the video below, he tells Detroit's WDIV that spending time with cows is a great way for people to experience nature.

"This intention is to create a space for people who aren't necessarily exposed to the natural world," Gopal says. "People who grew up in the suburbs and cities can come here and appreciate the divine arrangement and order of the ecosystem."

Clients can cuddle with the cows as they chew their cuds, which provides for an ultra-relaxing experience that rivals goat yoga.

Patience is a Must

Gopal demonstrates that part of the therapeutic value of the experience is waiting for the cow to lie down and get into position.

"Sit down, lean into it, and give her some scratches as well," Gopal explains as he cuddles up to the bovine. "Scientifically the cow's body temperature is at a higher temperature than humans' and the heart rate is slower."

He goes on to say that physical contact with the cows is known to lower blood pressure and calm nerves.

More information is available here. 

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