A really cool collection of music by Paul Rodgers is available today "The Royal Sessions". These are classic R&B and soul songs done up by one of the great rock vocalist recorded in Memphis, Tennessee at  "Royal Studios". Paul lets loose with soulful from the heart renditions of songs he grew up as a kid in England listening to.

The press release from 429 Records says "The Royal Sessions" are an extraordinary recording which captures the music in its pure form—live band and vocal takes as performed together at Royal Studios by Paul Rodgers and an all-star roster of legendary musicians. The band is a dream lineup of those who played on the original hits dating back to the 60's. The classic rhythm section includes Reverend Charles Hodges (Hammond B3), Michael Toles (guitar), LeRoy Hodges Jr. (bass), "Hubby" Archie Turner (Wurlitzer), Steve Potts and James Robertson Sr. (drums), The Royal Horns and the Royal Singers.

All of the proceeds from "The Royal Sessions" will be donated to local Memphis music education programs.

Here's Paul doing his thing with the Sam and Dave hit "I Thank You."