When Faygo announced the new Firework flavor it seemed like everyone in Michigan ran to the stores to pick some up.

Faygo is already the unofficial pop of Michigan, so when they release a Bomb Pop flavor edition for summer, you know it was going to go fast. I was among the many looking in gas stations, grocery stores, and party stores for the new flavor, only to learn that they were sold out. I put a call out on the radio asking if anyone had been able to get their hands on the new Faygo, and it seemed like everyone was having the same problem I was.

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In a world of supply and demand, you know that there were going to be some very opportunistic pop people out there ready to jump at the chance to capitalize on the Faygo shortage.

I went on the Faygo website hoping that it would be possible to order some of the Firework flavor, but no luck. That's when I decided to check Ebay just to see if people had decided to profit from their Faygo, and this is what I found.



Yes, you are seeing that correctly . . . A case of the Faygo Firework is for $245!

Now before you freak out and start selling vital organs to get some of the new Faygo Firework flavor, you do have options.

In the beginning the Faygo website listed the Firework flavor as out of stock, but as of this morning I was able to order a case of it. The case cost $15 at the Faygo website, but beware, because the cheapest shipping option was $31.

I don't know how long they will have the Firework in stock, but I definitely advise going to their site before paying some crazy amount on Ebay.


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