An emergency room nurse on the front lines of the Pandemic just made all seasoned golfers look real bad.

Her name is Kelly Spitz.  On Tuesday, April 26th she went golfing for the 3rd time in her life. Spitz decided to head out to the Cedar Creek Golf Club in Battle Creek after the golfing ban was lifted in Michigan.  That's when she hit the green from the tee for the first time according to the Battle Creek Enquirer,

Using a driver on the 125-yard No. 16 hole, Spitz had one of her best swings of the day, saw the ball bounce off the cart path and onto the green.

Kelly was super excited to reach the green.  But, then the ball disappeared.  She only realized that she hit a hole-in-one when friends near the hole began screaming.

To put this in perspective, Tiger Woods has only hit 20 hole-in-ones in his 25 year career.  And he is the best golfer in the world.  Kelly Spitz has only golfed 3 times...ever.

We all need good news to cut through all of the bad news we are overwhelmed with at the moment.  I couldn't be happier that an emergency room nurse right here in Southwest Michigan got a break from the selfless work she's doing to have such an amazing moment.

As inspiring as it is, I'll still with putt putt golf.

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