Raise your hand if you miss the Machine Shop. I know there are a lot of hands going up in the air right now. It has been 7 long months since the Machine Shop was forced to close its doors because of the coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, it is going to be even longer until the venue is able to reopen.

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You may have heard that Governor Gretchen Whitmer did okay music venues to open, that is true. Here is where it gets complicated. Venues are not allowed to operate at full capacity. For example, the Machine Shop holds 550 people. That number is with tables and chairs out. Machine Shop owner, Kevin Zink, told ABC 12, that he would only be allowed to operate at 20% capacity - which means less than 100 people could be inside of the venue at one time (including employees). According to Kevin, there is no way the club can break even with so few people in attendance. You can see his full interview on ABC 12, by clicking here.

I know a lot of you are willing to pay any ticket price to get back into the Shop. I hear you, unfortunately it does not work that way. However, you can do something right now to help the Machine Shop, by going to Save Michigan Stages, and let lawmakers know you want to save our state venues. It takes like two minutes (if that), to make a difference.

I cannot wait until the day I am posting about the announcement of the first show back at the world famous Machine Shop. I think we all know whoever it is -  it will be a sold out show.

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