Though many people unfortunately missed seeing Ozzy Osbourne play this year due to his illnesses and injuries, there will soon be a whole new way to experience the Prince of Darkness while he recovers. A career-spanning 24 vinyl box set of 173 songs and b-sides, See You on the Other Side, is due out this November.

The box set is commemorative of all of Osbourne's solo work, from Blizzard of Ozz to Scream and everything in between — including live performances, b-sides and other material previously unreleased on vinyl, like a demo version of "See You on the Other Side." The 16 albums will span over 24 hand-pressed, multi-color splatter vinyl LPs.

“This one's the most elaborate collection so far," Osbourne enthuses. "It's very well thought out and well put together. It's got everything in there that you possibly could want, and some surprises along the way. The sound of a vinyl record is different, and I do believe that vinyl sounds better."

In addition to music, the set is packed with 10 posters and 12 augmented reality experiences that feature live performances and video content. It's topped off with a certificate signed by Osbourne himself.

The full package retails at $499. It will be available Nov. 29 and can be pre-ordered here. See a hilarious promotional trailer narrated by guitarist Zakk Wylde below.

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