Is this new beer week? Yesterday Tony LaBrie introduced us to a Lucky Charms beer called 'Saturday Morning', and today I just discovered a new beer by Natural Light called 'Naturdays'. Mind blown.

The new brew is a strawberry lemonade flavored beer. I will try it. I will try anything once, twice if I like it. This flavor combo sounds like a great summer drink. I may even add a splash of tequila to mine - shocker.

I love this drink already and I have not even had one. I dig the packaging and the name. Naturdays - it really paints a picture of being outside this summer enjoying a boat ride or a party with friends while sipping on 12-pack. I can see it now.

If your favorite liquor and or beer store sells Natural Light, they will soon be stocking Naturdays - if they haven't already. If you try some, let me know. Will you be shotgunning one like the guy in the video review above? I will if you do.

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